Recommended/minimum versions for some fd.o external deps -- updates

1. Cairo

        It seems that the 1.6.0 release is coming. The 1.5.8 snapshot is
        out, and cairo developers "would appreciate as much testing as
        possible so that we can eliminate bugs before that release
        rather than after".
        Now, jhbuild is currently using 1.5.4, but ExternalDeps page for
        2.22 says the recommended version is 1.4.10 (note that the
        latest cairo-1.4 release is 1.4.14)...
        So, update both to 1.5.8 or downgrade jhbuild?
2. Cairomm

        Recommended and minimum version is 1.2.2.

        But we have a lot of 1.4.x releases starting from July 2007,
        wrapping the cairo 1.4 API. The latest one is 1.4.6  (Nov 2007).
        OK to update recommended?
3. Pycairo

        As for cairomm we are suggesting to use (and using in jhbuild)
        the 1.2 release, while are available releases wrapping cairo 1.4
        OK to update recommended?
4. D-Bus

        Miminum version is 1.1.2, we'll update to 1.2.0 when released.
        Meanwhile, OK to update to 1.1.4 (fix 100% CPU/memory usage) in
        external deps page?
        Oh, 1.1.4 is yet used in jhbuild
5. dbus-python

        Minimum and recommended versions are 0.80.2 (Feb 2007), latest
        is 0.82.4 (Dec 2007). A lot of stuff in the middle, I don't know
        if update to latest can break something...
6. desktop-file-utils

        Minimum and recommended versions are 0.10, latest is 0.14 with a
        lot of fixes in validator. A must have.
        OK to update the minimum version too?
7. pkg-config

        Minimum and recommended versions are 0.21. Latest available is
        0.23 with some bugfixing.
        OK to update recommended?
Cheers, Luca

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