Build issues blocking the 2.21.90 release

Hi everyone,

I need your help.  There's now only a few build problems left blocking
the 2.22 beta 1 release; you are either a maintainer of one of the
affected modules, or someone who created a patch to fix an issue that
isn't yet in a released tarball.  The problematic packages are:

bug-buddy: doesn't build with newest libsoup; patch at, in review

evolution-webcal: doesn't build with newest libsoup; fixed in svn (as
of Jan 15), but we need a new tarball

seahorse: incorrectly detects epiphany version and bombs.  Appears to
be fixed in svn as of today, but we need a new tarball.

gnome-terminal: glib deprecation errors (G_GNUC_FUNCTION); Fixed in
svn, but we need a new tarball

gnome-vfs: glib deprecation errors (G_GNUC_PRETTY_FUNCTION,
G_GNUC_FUNCTION); Fixed in svn, but we need a new tarball

Most cases simply involve rolling a new tarball.  If you don't have
time to do roll tarballs, it would be great if you could either ask
someone to do so, or give us the thumbs up to either do it or find
someone.  We'll just have to be patient with bug-buddy, but I'm
hopeful it can be handled soon.


(I'm going to sleep now, but I know some other release team members
will be waking up soon, or perhaps just did.  Anyone wanting to roll
an okayed tarball before I wake up would be very appreciated...)

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