Making the next gnome-applets depend on libgweather.

I have a version of the gnome-applets code base that uses an external
version of libgweather. I would like use this for the 2.21.5 release, so
I'm asking if anyone has serious objections.

Obviously this relies on Federico getting a tarball release of
libgweather out the door (I'll be making my decisions at approximately
9am UTC on the 14th of January, if a release isn't done by then I will
wait - possibly until 2.23 since we're getting on in the cycle).

The effects this should have:

i18n: No new strings, but some files with strings and the massive
Locations.xml are moving. I think everything has been migrated properly,
so translators should merely have to point their tools at a new place.

Documentation: None, there is no UI (although the gweather applet
location selection UI may eventually be migrated) and the API isn't
actually documented.

Bugzilla: Bugs about locations and the like will almost certainly end up
getting filed against the gweather applet rather than libgweather. This
is probably something we'll just have to live with - its the same with
all libraries.

In principle this shouldn't be a major change since it is effectively
splitting an existing code-base in two rather than introducing a new
dependency. However, I don't want to do anything without asking first.

Current SVN trunk has the relevant code - although I'm prepared to
revert (I managed to create a branch with the code and then commit the
same code to trunk).

Comments, criticisms?

 - Callum

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