Re: Making the next gnome-applets depend on libgweather.

Hi Callum,

Le dimanche 13 janvier 2008, à 21:13 +1300, Callum McKenzie a écrit :
> I have a version of the gnome-applets code base that uses an external
> version of libgweather. I would like use this for the 2.21.5 release, so
> I'm asking if anyone has serious objections.
> Obviously this relies on Federico getting a tarball release of
> libgweather out the door (I'll be making my decisions at approximately
> 9am UTC on the 14th of January, if a release isn't done by then I will
> wait - possibly until 2.23 since we're getting on in the cycle).

I think everyone agrees we'll go with libgweather. If there's no tarball
before you do your release, maybe you can roll one? Or just ask the
release team to do one.


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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