Small break for GNOME 2.20.3 for evolution-data-server


evolution-data-server-1.12.3 has a hard dependency on gtk-doc-1.9 (in
order to use gtkdoc-rebase); gtk-doc-1.9 was a release made in October
that included more than bugfixes (in particular, a new feature --
gtkdoc-rebase).  This looks like a freeze break, but it seems pretty
minor; most of gtk-doc-1.9 looks like a huge list of bugfixes from the
NEWS entry.  Should we allow gtk-doc-1.9 in GNOME 2.20.3 or request a
new evolution-data-server tarball?

I'm leaning towards accepting gtk-doc-1.9 and have pushed the build
onwards with that assumption for now, but wanted to hear other


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