Re: Fix java-gnome version

On Thu, 2008-02-28 at 16:49 +0100, Vincent Untz wrote:
> I'm going the conservative way and releasing with
> 2.16.x

Olav said he already did the work to include the current version. Why
don't you just leave that alone?

>  As far as I understand it, 4.0 is a development version that
> will lead to a stable 4.2.

Don't you get it? java-gnome 4.0.x is the *only* version. It has been
the only version for over two years now.

The previous generation of the library is *abandoned* and *unsupported*.
Several distros have already stopped shipping it entirely. Leaving the
old libraries in GNOME's bindings list is as if you were shipping GTK
1.2 as the current GTK, and makes GNOME's release team look stupid.

I've been trying to help you avoid that.

Since I am the maintainer of java-gnome [both 2.x, because it got dumped
on me when all its authors evaporated in 2005 and I attempted to keep
the project alive for a year and a half before likewise giving up on it,
and of 4.0, because I realized that a rewrite was necessary to save the
project, actually pulled it off, am its primary author, and actively
facilitate a community around it] I'd like to think I'm in a position to
make decisions about these things. That choice is that java-gnome 2.x is
beyond end-of-life and abandoned. Announcements were made in GNOME
2.16.3 and GNOME 2.17.5 that the library was being deprecated and to
immanently be removed. It has not seen any work since 2006. Its bugs
have been closed OBSOLETE. Our community has moved on. Done.

One last time: java-gnome 4.0.6 are the only Java bindings for GNOME
supported by the community around the java-gnome project. It is the
current version, and should be listed as the Java bindings for GNOME

Thank you.


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