Re: GNOME 2.22 API Freeze Break Request for AT-SPI

On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 6:43 AM, Willie Walker <William Walker sun com> wrote:
> Hi All:
>   From, I'm not aware if
>  the AT-SPI stuff falls under "platform libraries," but I'm assuming it
>  does.  Even if it doesn't, I still think it's good form for us to
>  formally request a freeze break.
>  In bug we have been
>  tracking work needed to enhance the AT-SPI Collections API to make it
>  more useful by assistive technologies.  These changes have been used by
>  the Orca project as tracked in bug
>  These changes
>  represent an API change, and we'd like to request a freeze break for
>  GNOME 2.22 to apply the patch at
>  The reasoning for the freeze break is outlined in comment #21 of the
>  bug: "The reason is that we're pretty sure Orca is currently the only
>  consumer of the Collections API right now.  If we were to not change
>  the API now, we risk the chance that someone else will start using the
>  API and we will end up with a situation where the changes may have an
>  adverse effect on them.  By making the changes now, we can be sure that
>  new users of the API will not run into this."
>  Li Yuan is the module maintainer and is amenable to this as indicate by
>  comment #24.  Also CC'd on this bug are Ariel Rios, the implementor of
>  the Collections API, and Scott Haeger, who has been using the
>  Collections API in Orca.  All are in support of the break request.
>  Please let us know your thoughts,

Approval 2 of 2 since it looks like you've dotted your i's and crossed
your t's...but this is really scary doing this so late.

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