Re: Rethinking "Supported language"

Hi Djihed,

Today at 17:13, Djihed Afifi wrote:

> After reading the discussion, I propose doing away with these labels
> all together. Scrap them.
> They seem to be bringing more harm than good, people don't even agree
> on what the meaning of supported is, what packages to count..etc

Getting into release notes is a motivation enough for many people.
Even if it might not be for all the right reasons, it's still
motivation and I believe we should keep it.

I have long wanted to implement a better "supportedness" measure, and
integrate it into Damned Lies.

FWIW, this has been documented inside

for a while (well, since damned-lies was started :).

This would give us a better and more useful measure, but should also
provide us with "filtered" PO files (i.e. get only level-2 strings for
starting teams).


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