Re: Rethinking "Supported language"

After reading the discussion, I propose doing away with these labels
all together. Scrap them.

They seem to be bringing more harm than good, people don't even agree
on what the meaning of supported is, what packages to count..etc

And it's probably also a per language thing. Different
cultures/languages may favour English translations for some languages

Besides, translating to achieve a number doesn't sound right to me.

Release notes should probably just say that "Thanks to our GNOME
translation team, who are doing hard work" or something similar,
without being specific on numbers.


2008/2/19 Wouter Bolsterlee <uws+gnome xs4all nl>:
> Dear all,
> Currently, states that a language is officially
> "supported" if 80% of the PO files is translated. I think this measure is no
> longer valid for modern Gnome releases, because of the 'Development Tools'
> suite. It contains the following modules:
>   - accerciser
>   - anjuta
>   - devhelp
>   - gdl
>   - glade3
>   - gnome-build
> The problems I see are:
>   1.  None of the programs are intended for regular users. Therefor it's
>       unreasonable to treat them as such when deciding whether a translation
>       is officially "supported".
>   2.  Developers will generally use those programs in English anyway. I dare
>       to say that there is not a single Dutch speaking user that wants to a
>       program such as Glade or Accerciser in Dutch. Translating lots of
>       strings that will never be visible to users is just a waste of time.
>       Note that most translation teams have very limited resources.
>   3.  Since those programs contains more than 3000 strings (3144 according
>       to my last count), they account for a substantial part of the total
>       number of strings (somewhere in the around 40.000). This very
>       negatively impacts the percentage indicating the translation coverage.
> My proposal is: only use the modules from the developer platform, desktop
> and administration tools when calculating the 80% coverage statistic (i.e.
> all module sets but the developer tools).
> What do you think?
>   mvrgr, Wouter
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