Re: Speeding up 2.16

On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 12:28 AM, Matthias Clasen
<matthias clasen gmail com> wrote:
> I've received multiple requests from people who really want to use
> some of the new things in trunk in Gnome 2.26. Among the features of
> high interest are
>  - new status icon api
>  - using threads for page rendering when printing
>  - the new invisible char handling
> At the last team meeting, noone had objections to the idea of
> shortening the 2.16 cycle, moving currently unfinished
> things off to 2.17. Therefore, I'm proposing to target mid January for
> a 2.15.0 release and work towards a 2.16 release around the beginning
> of March. Among the currently unfinished things that we should try to
> complete within this
> shortened cycle are
> - a GtkActivatable interface for action proxies (this is important,
> since it is a prerequisite for having
>  good GtkBuilder support in glade3)hat

About the patch on that, I put it through the gimp test and found a
crasher around
the way I touched the connect/disconnect_proxy code, I've been busy the last
few days but I have some days off now and I'm confident I can iron out
that crasher
this week, I'll try to do some performance comparisons with gimp
before and after
the patch as well.

Something I hadnt mentioned yet while I await a review... was
recentchooser implementations,
currently I started with recentchooserdefault, which arguably shouldnt
be activatable, then I
did recentchoosermenu, which *must* be activatable, so I'll need to
know, which recentchooser
implementations do we think should be activatable, (currently I have
only the default and the menu).

Personally I think the button (there is a recentchooser button that
fires a file selection dialog ?) should be
activatable, along with the menu, I dont know if there is a reason to
have activatable dialogs (unless we
could eventually factor in a response as an "activate" signal...).

Anyway, I'll fix that crasher this week and hope for input on the
recent choosers... anything else
I can do to ease the process just let me know...


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