Speeding up 2.16

I've received multiple requests from people who really want to use
some of the new things in trunk in Gnome 2.26. Among the features of
high interest are

 - new status icon api
 - using threads for page rendering when printing
 - the new invisible char handling

At the last team meeting, noone had objections to the idea of
shortening the 2.16 cycle, moving currently unfinished
things off to 2.17. Therefore, I'm proposing to target mid January for
a 2.15.0 release and work towards a 2.16 release around the beginning
of March. Among the currently unfinished things that we should try to
complete within this
shortened cycle are

- progress in entries (this has been committed, but still has some
issues that need to be addressed)
- icons in entries (that patch has seen a lot of revision and is almost ready)
- a GtkActivatable interface for action proxies (this is important,
since it is a prerequisite for having
  good GtkBuilder support in glade3)


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