Gnome 3 planes? Wiki?

Hail Oh Great Release Team,

Gnome 2.30 is getting closer each day. Assuming that Gnome 3.0 is
planned to contain some major new components we need to rally
developers asap. All respect for the development pace of Gnome, but I
honestly don't think 2 years is very long if we want a smooth
no-regressions Gnome 3.0.

As a spare time developer fighting to find every spare half hour it is
frustrating to not know the future. I constantly find myself asking
questions like - Will my work be obsolete in two years? Should I
design or write code with some specific future things in mind? Are
there other things more important to Gnome 3.0 than what I am doing

This withheld anxiety is amplified by the unclear future of Gtk+ and
is crippling my motivation. I don't know if I am the only person
feeling like this, but I fear not. I am not asking for a detailed
plan, just some notification now and then to tell me that Gnome 3.0 is
not in limbo.

Be generous with your CCs as I am not on the release-team list.


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