Re: Moving Gtk2-Perl to GNOME infrastructure

Olav Vitters wrote:

>> OK, I give in.  Let's use separate SVN directories for every module:
>>   [...]
> I'm fine with having those in SVN.

OK, great.  I'm going to convert our CVS repository to multiple SVN repositories
then.  I suppose compressed SVN dumps are OK for you?

>>>>   docs/	- generic documentation applying to all our bindings
> Regarding docs: How are these written? Could they be put on
> (requires tarballs, supports plain HTML, docbook,
> gtk-doc.. IIRC)? Could perhaps do a perl-docs 'fake' tarball.

The stuff in docs/ isn't all that interesting.  We do have automatically
generated API listings, though: <>.
We'd have to improve the quality of the generated HTML output, but I think
something like this could go on


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