Re: Moving Gtk2-Perl to GNOME infrastructure

Le dimanche 17 août 2008, à 12:33 +0200, Torsten Schoenfeld a écrit :
> Let's get going on this again.
> Olav Vitters wrote:


> The question then is what to do about the modules marked with *.
> - perl-Cairo and perl-GStreamer and friends are bindings for stuff on the
> freedesktop infrastructure.  I'd still like to have them in the same place as
> the rest.
> - perl-ExtUtils-Depends and perl-ExtUtils-PkgConfig are build-time helper
> modules that are required by every module, so I'd like to keep them in the
> same place as well.

[I'll let the sysadmins comment here]

> >>   docs/	- generic documentation applying to all our bindings
> >>   helpers/	- helper programs to aid developing bindings
> We'll just host those on the website.  They don't have to be version-controlled.
> >>   Makefile	- a Makefile to build all or a subset of our bindings
> Could be superseded by a jhbuild module set.

Makes sense. Actually, we would put the modules in the main GNOME
moduleset anyway (like other bindings), so you wouldn't even need a new

> What do you think?

/me can't wait to have this finally done :-)


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