Minutes of release team meeting - March 24th

I hope I didn't forget anything.



Present: Andre, Elijah, Vincent
Missing: Frédéric, Jeff, John, Kjartan

2.19 schedule

Everyone agrees to make it official.

ACTION: Andre to announce the schedule is official

slushy code freeze discussion

This is difficult because people are used to fix many bugs in before the
.1 releases, which are the releases generally shipped by distributions.

It needs discussion within the community anyway.

ACTION: Vincent to mail d-d-l about slushy code freeze

gtkmm in desktop/admin/devtools

The consensus that appears in the thread on d-d-l was positive. No
objection raised.
So let's do it.

ACTION: Elijah to update the rules to say gtkmm dep is allowed and to
        announce this on d-a-l

roadmap process

Positive feeling about the proposal. It will help with the release
notes and, more generally, with promotion.
We'll build a small volunteers team to handle this task.

ACTION: Elijah to add the "make sure the roadmap process happens" task
        to http://live.gnome.org/ReleasePlanning/NewReleaseTeamMembers

ACTION: Vincent to bootstrap roadmap stuff

improving release notes

The roadmap should help with release notes.
Only pinging marketing-list doesn't work quite well, so finding someone
to lead the effort is really what should be done.
We should start now to build the release notes team for 2.20. This team
will also write a "sneak peek" writeup.

ACTION: Vincent to send a call for volunteers for "sneak peek" writeups
        & release notes (mail + blog)

release team membership discussion

Should we have a policy on when a member should leave the team?
(There was no time to discuss this)

ACTION: all to discuss on r-t list to try to find a policy about

release assignments

This is only a proposal so far, but we hope it's okay for everyone.
If there's a problem for someone, it will be possible to make some
changes to this list.

2.18.1  elijah
2.19.1  vuntz
2.19.2  andre
2.18.2  J5
2.19.3  fcrozat
2.19.4  jdub
2.18.3  kmaraas
2.19.5  TBD
2.19.6  TBD
2.19.90 TBD
2.19.91 TBD
2.19.92 TBD
2.20.0  TBD

Other discussions/actions

ACTION: Elijah to make an official list of modules that don't follow the
        release schedule

ACTION: Andre to poke someone on usability issues for 2.20

Following things were not discussed because of lack of time:

ACTION: discuss on list: libcolorblind as a dependency

ACTION: discuss on list: libnotify as a dependency

ACTION: discuss on list: Dave's proposal:

ACTION: discuss on list: Shaun's proposal:

Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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