Re: gnutls in the external dependencies for 2.17 and 2.19

On 3/23/07, Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diógenes <cerdiogenes yahoo com br> wrote:

The right address for gnutls isn't is

you have me slightly confused there... instead of

If I recall correctly, was gone at
one point and only actually
worked, forcing GARNOME and jhbuild to use it instead.  Not sure what
the current status is.  I noticed that libtasn1 is only available from
the alpha url.  I'd feel better about updating pages if we had some
official site stating which urls are stable and where things will be
placed.  Right now, I don't even know if there is one given our past

I don't update this, because I don't know if I can and because I don't
if there is any issue with the first addres, since the gnutls-1.4.0
doesn't exist in the second address and the guys of GARNOME or jhbuild
doesn't correct this yet.

Could I get you to try to figure out the correct download locations
for all gnutls related modules, hopefully including some kind of
upstream declaration of what is "correct" and what will be supported?
I'd prefer to just leave things as they are until we have all of that.

Thanks for bringing this up,

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