Re: 2.20 schedule


based on the feedback of everybody, i have a fourth proposal at (2.20 rel: sep 19)
which should workaround nearly every mentioned problem(TM), means:

* less releases in july/august (kmaraas)
* two weeks between feature/module freezes and string freezes (vuntz)
* no release or API/ABI freeze directly after guadec (elijah/j5)

now there's
* an early 2.18.3 release
* only one week between 2.19.91 and 2.19.92
* module inclusion discussions heat up at guadec.

(in the final wiki version i will again include weeks with no events.)

i would still prefer to have the 2.20.0 release one week earlier
(because of expectations based on previous habits), and would either
welcome comments on where to save another week, or a "here you go, make
that draft public!".


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