Re: Network Manager

On 3/16/07, Derek McCarthy <derek vaxxine com> wrote:
I am looking for information on a release date for the next
version of Network Manager.  Very frustrated with not being
able to use something as basic as a 'static ip'.  The website
provides little information as to changes being made or a
tentative release date on the next version...

If I am emailing the incorrect address, please refer to the correct
person(s), I cannot find links to the developers involved for this project

I believe the correct address to ask would be
networkmanager-list gnome org[1]   However, see,
which suggests that a release should likely be forthcoming within a
couple weeks.

Hope that helps,

[1] If you're curious, this list is for trying to improve overall
quality of modules in official release sets (which excludes
networkmanager at this time), testing the combination of several dozen
modules, "releasing" such combinations, and trying to help ensure
individual modules in such sets are following the basic rules and
release process.  Individual module releases, even in official release
sets, are predominantly left up to their respective maintainers.

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