Re: PROPOSAL: Upgrading every RHEL server to RHEL5 on Sun April 1st

On Wed, Mar 14, 2007 at 05:25:25PM -0400, Matthew Galgoci wrote:
> I will not be onsite, but I should be able to work remotely. I need for you
> to dictate to me how the machines should be installed and leave the
> installations to me.

Meaning? I'd just want them upgraded (not a wipe). What things should I

> As of now, sunday april 1 is clear. I would like to start no earlier than
> noon EDT because the NOC staff will not be there before then should we need
> NOC intervention.

Hmm, maybe the Sunday is a mistake with the time zone difference. This
would mean I'd only start at 17:00 (CET/UTC+0100)[1], this is pretty late.

How early is the NOC staff on Saturday, and are you willing to start
Saturday? Migrating services means the upgrade will take longer and we'd
need an OS install every now and then (not all in one go).

> I would like to see some kind of service migration plan for the outage. I think
> we could do rolling updates, where we migrate services from one machine to
> another, then reinstall the OS, then migrate services back, and so on.

I've made a rough overview at:

I am not sure about moving the menubar and container services. Container
has a very large storage. With 100+GB used, I am not sure where to move
that to. Menubar with the mailman stuff is IMO very difficult to move.
I'd rather have a mail backlog.

If you reinstall the OS, will that be a wipe and reinstall (ouch) or an
upgrade? I'd prefer the latter.

[1] No idea if the timezone conversion stuff is right.

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