Re: [Fwd: Board Meeting Minutes :: 1st March 2007]

Le jeudi 08 mars 2007, à 02:39, Andre Klapper a écrit :
> just forwarding this extract to the r-t list so that we are aware of a
> big problem that we're currently facing.
> we need to take care that we have some release notes, not only in
> english language. the marketing mailing list and the marketing irc
> channel (and our wiki) are probably the best place to track and discuss
> the "progress" of this issue. :-/

We'll have the release notes, but later than usual.

If I understood correctly, Jeff's position is that someone in the
release team should lead the effort of writing the release notes.

So, what happened for 2.18.0: I sent some mails on marketing-list (first
one at the end of January), asking for volunteers and trying to
organize a meeting about the release notes. But there was no real
enthusiastic reaction to this.

To me, the main issue is that we (where "we" == GNOME community) have
real difficulties finding and keeping writers. The release notes of the
last 4 releases has been written by 4 different teams (correct me if I'm
wrong). Another issue is that we need to have someone (could be a
release team member, but could as well be someone else) leading the
release notes effort, where leading doesn't necessarily means writing.


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