[Fwd: Board Meeting Minutes :: 1st March 2007]

just forwarding this extract to the r-t list so that we are aware of a
big problem that we're currently facing.
we need to take care that we have some release notes, not only in
english language. the marketing mailing list and the marketing irc
channel (and our wiki) are probably the best place to track and discuss
the "progress" of this issue. :-/


Am Mittwoch, den 07.03.2007, 08:52 +1300 schrieb Glynn Foster:
> Here's the latest minutes from the board meeting.
>    Release Notes
>    There is a worry that the release notes will not be ready in time for
>    adequate translation. Some work has been done preparing a feature list
>    on the wiki, but unsure where things are at and we need to ping
>    Gervais. Jeff mentioned that the responsibility of writing these has
>    fallen on no one - and perhaps the release team needs to take over the
>    responsibility of getting someone to write them, not just from a
>    schedule perspective. The current deadline to hand off to translation
>    teams is Monday 5th March.
>    ACTION: Quim to ping Gervais and post to marketing-list asking for
>            help with this.
>    ACTION: Jeff to blog a call for help on planet.gnome.org

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