Re: 2.20 schedule

Le jeudi 08 mars 2007, à 13:35, Kjartan Maraas a écrit :
> tor, 08.03.2007 kl. 02.34 +0100, skrev Andre Klapper:
> > i also wondered about the sense of having 2.even.3 releases, see [1].
> > if we would have a stricter policy on which patches are allowed to get
> > into the stable branch, we would probably get more distros back again
> > into shipping updated stable releases instead of backporting explicit
> Do you really think that lack of quality in 2.x.1, 2.x.2 etc is the
> reason why distros don't ship them as full updates? Do we have any
> numbers that show that we introduce more new bugs than we fix in the
> stable series? I'd be surprised if that is the case.

It's not lack of quality, but lack of knowledge about what's going in,
(and thus a potential lack of quality). If we can limit the number of
not-so-useful-for-a-stable-release patches going in, there'll be more


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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