Re: [Fwd: gnome-system-monitor 2.17.94]

Le mercredi 28 février 2007 à 12:34 -0700, Elijah Newren a écrit :
> Hi Benoit,
> I'm sorry that this process upset you.  It looks like Kjartan
> responded to most of your questions, but there was one he didn't
> respond to that I thought might help everyone a bit.
> > >  The only
> > > thing we wanted was to have a working tarball for your module in the
> > > beta.
> >
> > Is Mariano part of the release-team ? No.
> > Has the release-team dared to email me to explain why they authorize
> > this ? No.
> I wasn't involved with building this specific release, and wasn't
> around when these changes were made.  But I think I understand what
> happened from the thread so far.  Let me explain my take on the
> situation:
> We probably should have emailed you earlier, yes, although I think
> Kjartan's emails (even if they didn't come until after you brought the
> issue up) do actually count as an explanation of why the release-team
> authorized this.  Kjartan was handling this release, and as he
> explained in his second email of this thread, the gnome-system-monitor
> tarball didn't build with recent gnome-doc-utils.  He said he tried to
> contact you, but couldn't get a hold of you immediately.  They were
> *really* close to the due date for the release, and the fix was
> simple, so Kjartan made the choice to fix it.


> I'm not sure how Kjartan's choice is wrong or bad; he was acting for
> the release team since he was heading up the release and the choice
> seems logical to me.  However, it did upset you and I'd really like to
> avoid repeating that.  Do you have any suggestions for what we could
> do or avoid in the future to get releases out on time while also
> avoiding any problems like this?  Would just having Kjartan (or the
> person from the release-team handling the given release) send you an
> email when they take such an action, as you suggested earlier, be
> enough?

What happened exactly :
On Wednesday night, i released .93 and logoff at about midnight CET.
When i got up on Thursday, i found in my inbox a single mail from a
stranger (to me) telling that he had released .94. As there was no
explanation in the mail, I had a look at the svn diff and the comment I
found was "added a description, to make g-d-u happy" which looks like a
low priority fix. I went mad.

You know what happened then. I had to ask about what was going on. I
only understood what happened yesterday at 20H00 with the second email
from Kjartan :
"The tarball didn't build with the current version of gnome-doc-utils,
which is why we wanted a working tarball in the beta."

It's OK for the release-team to do whatever they need, you don't need my
approval. But please keep me informed.
Next time, i would like to get :
- an email
- from the release-team
- as soon as possible
- about the problem
- on who is going to fix it
- how
- when.

"Hi, system-monitor .93 doesn't build with gnome-doc-utils x.x.x because
of a missing item in the xml file. We needed a working tarball for the
beta. As you were not reachable, Mariano has fixed system-monitor svn
(revision xxx) and has released .94." would have been perfect.

About this breaking change in gnome-doc-utils, i was unaware of it.
jhbuild doesn't pull gnome-doc-utils when building gnome-system-monitor.
Maybe a bot/tinderbox building it in a fully updated env would have

Benoît Dejean

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