Stepping down; Calvin as replacement

Hi, everyone,

On IRC I had already mentioned my intentions to step down from the
release team, as I haven't done anything for the past year.  I've hung
on to my membership, since just mentioning "I'm a member of the GNOME
release team" at expensive restaurants is enough to get me a free meal,
or at least some dessert.  But anyway.

Calvin Gaisford (on the CC line) is one of our iFolder superstars at
Novell, and he was recently assimilated by the desktop team.  We're
thinking that he would be a good replacement for me on the release team,
since he actually has the intention of doing useful work :)

What do you think?  If you agree, I'd appreciate it if someone could
teach Calvin the ropes of release management.  In the meantime, for
reference, the team's collective wisdom is here:



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