Meeting minutes for 2007/Aug/03 meeting

Minutes of the Release-Team meeting, 2007/Aug/3

0) Attendance

(10-20 minutes late)
Andre Klapper
Elijah Newren
Frederic Crozat
John Palmieri
Vincent Untz

(later than that)
Kjartan Maraas

No attendance:
Jeff Waugh

1) Assignments

  - Send meeting minutes to the list (DONE!)
  - Find a backup for J5 on the 2.20.1 release 2.20.1 if OLPC schedule
    precludes J5 from handling it
  - serve as backup for 2.19.9x if needed
  - email the module decisions announcements to devel-announce-list
  - update the module lists in the wiki
  - start the wiki list of emeritus r-t members (DONE!)
  - mail emeritus r-t members to announce they can be on r-t list
    if they want
  - Handle the 2.19.92 release
  - Handle the 2.20.0 release
  - contact people from an agreed queue to fill r-t vacancies
  - have these people read and critique as
    their first task.
  - Handle the 2.19.90 release
  - Handle the 2.19.92 release
  - Handle the 2.20.1 release (tentative, only if OLPC is released

2) Proposed Modules

accerciser: IN
  unanimous approval
  vuntz loves Willie

gnome-devel-docs: IN
  unanimous approval
  we should push for more people to get involved by advertising it more
  vuntz loves Shaun

rarian as external dep, scrollkeeper removed from desktop suite: APPROVED
  DonS really needs to keep svn up to date with releases
  vuntz loves DonS

libnotify as an external (desktop) dependency: REJECTED
  we need to distinguish between approved deps for desktop and platform
  We should start blessing D-Bus interfaces, via fd.o
  started out 3 vs. 2 in favor, ended up as 4 vs. 1 against
  vuntz will explain why (libegg, libsexy, needs to be in gtk) in announcement

3) Membership

As approved unanimously, a new rule in 2 parts:
  We have an emeritus section of the release-team membership page.
  Past release-team members are welcome to be subscribed to
  release-team and provide helpful advice.  Luis has done this, and
  has been of great help.

  Someone can move from current member of the release team to the
  emeritus list by either of two methods:
    1) self-choice
    2) they don't show up to any meetings for two cycles and the
       remainder of the team agrees at a meeting that the individual
       has moved to emeritus status

Changes in the team:
  New emeritus status
    - We agreed to move Jeff to emeritus status, and hopes he remains
      on the list to provide advice.  He has a lot of useful
    - [Andre was going to ask someone else about their status in the
       team, but they showed up later.]
  Replacement team members
    We have two vacancies.  We agreed on the following queue of people:
      - olav, guenther, halfline, fpeters
    Andre to contact them, in that order, until we find two suckers^Wvolunteers

4) Releases

2.19.90 kmaraas
2.19.91 fcrozat
2.19.92 kmaraas
2.20.0  fcrozat
2.20.1  J5 (tentatively), elijah as backup

Anyone who can possibly serve as a backup for 2.20.0 would be
appreciated.  We had four "I probably can't make it"'s at the meeting.

5) Other items
=================== and related/competing ideas need a
lot of discussion

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