Re: API/ABI freeze and feature freeze

On Thu, 2007-08-02 at 00:04 +0200, Vincent Untz wrote:
> Hi,
> Starting this week, we enter the API/ABI freeze and the feature freeze.
> This means a few things:
>   + no API or ABI changes should be made in the platform libraries


I may need an exception.  I'm mostly done with pango for 1.18, the only
remaining issue is how to deprecate PangoScript in favor of the new
GUnicodeScript.  It's bug 348348.  So, I may need to do some minor API
changes, not sure yet.  Least of them is to mark PangoScript as
deprecated.  Most would be to replace PangoScript with GUnicodeScript in
all public Pango API.  But that most probably will break C++ code
calling those API, so that probably wouldn't happen.  Not sure yet.  I
need to think about it for a couple of hours, see how many calls we are
talking about, etc.  I'm planning to do that early next week.


>   + desktop and platform release module additions are finalised, major
>     feature additions are listed
>   + the release team is a bit late about new modules :-)
> Future freezes (and other deadlines):
>   + New API must be documented, August 6th
>   + UI Freeze, starting August 13th
>   + String Freeze, starting August 27th
>   + Hard Code Freeze, starting September 10th
> The freezes will always be listed on this wiki page:
> Vincent
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