Re: external dependencies; trolling for more feedback, pushing to make it official ; -)

On 9/22/06, Joseph E. Sacco, Ph.D. <joseph_sacco comcast net> wrote:
As to your suggestion on how to proceed... We do think alike [:-)].
Since there has been such a fuss raised over who should or should not
build libvolume_id, I have revisited automating the extraction of the
libvolume_id bits from udev. A GAR makefile to accomplish this is shown
below.  David, as well as others within the community, should be

Awesome, thanks for the work.  :-)

Time to move on. There will be other dragons to slay.

Well, the build issue still bites jhbuild until there is either a
separate libvolume_id tarball or someone gets similar hacks into
jhbuild (or some other fix/workaround is found).  James appears to be
uneasy with trying to use current udev tarballs, judging from his
previous email in this thread.  Anyway, we also need to work that out
before bumping the requirement.


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