Re: external dependencies; trolling for more feedback, pushing to make it official ; -)

On 9/22/06, Kjartan Maraas <kmaraas broadpark no> wrote:
>   Available enforcement mechanism:
>     If a module depends on either a new external dependency not listed
>     here or a newer version of an external dependency than one listed
>     here, we may revert to an older version of that module for Gnome
>     2.17.x (which may result in reversions of other modules too). The
>     development version of that module can again be used once either
>     this page is updated by the release-team or the new(er) external
>     dependency is made optional.
Or we could make it a prerequisite for module maintainers to go through
the petition to get the dependency version bumped before adding the dep
in the module?

That's exactly what the "Basics" part of the proposal does.  This
section just addresses the question of what happens if someone ignores
the rule, or more likely forgets or isn't aware of that rule.

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