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On 9/11/06, Matthias Clasen <mclasen redhat com> wrote:
The topic came up earlier, and I think there was a general consensus
that it is a good idea to freeze the versions of external dependencies,
and use tarball modules for them in the gnome-2.18 moduleset in jhbuild.

I see that we already do that for hal, with the hal-0-5-7 id.
fontconfig 2.4.0 has just been released, so I'd propose that we do the
same for fontconfig now, and then follow with dbus, as soon as 1.0 is
released (which should be soon now).

There was also a very strong sentiment that we should tighten up on
the addition of new dependencies, moving to a must-be-approved-first
rule for adding new dependencies.  I think doing such, in combination
with freezing dependencies to specific versions[1], is necessary to
fix the ridiculousness of the current build situation[2].

I've put together a _preliminary_ page to help push these two ideas
along at
There may be inaccuracies or omissions there, but it has the basics
already.  Thoughts?  Comments?

There is a slight problem with doing this version freezing by changing
the ids, since it messes up dependencies (unless we add some from of
"provides" to jhbuild modules) - e.g. the hal-0-5-7 modules requires
"dbus", so if we freeze dbus as "dbus-1-0", the "dbus" dependency will
not be satisfied by it.

Maybe a freedesktop-2.18.modules would be a good idea?  I kind of
doubt gnome-2.14.modules would currently really build right now, given
that freedesktop is such a moving target anyway...


[1] Though with allowances for updating to a newer (but still frozen)
version when needed, as mentioned on the proposal page I created.
Also, there may be reason to actually depend on CVS of some external
modules; I think it'd be a bad idea in general, but may merit a
case-by-case consideration.
[2] See e.g. this thread:

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