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Hi there,

Those of you subscribed to the marketing-list have seen the thread to
improve substantially the release notes for 2.18. We haven't got to
conclusions yet, but we tend to agree that developers and marketing team
should work closer and earlier.

I have just sent a proposal to the marketing team that is addressed also
to the release team. You find it attached in the "In short" 2
paragraphs. Your input will help us getting to conclusions, thank you.

If you want more, here starts the whole thread:

User oriented release notes

Quim Gil /// http://desdeamericaconamor.org | http://guadec.org
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In short: let's propose to the release team a call for 2.18 goals to the
developers. The responses would be listed at
http://live.gnome.org/RoadMap . After October 18th [End of new (app)
modules proposal period] we extract these goals in another wiki page
where release team and marketing team with the supervision of the board
triage, group and prioritize 3-5 core goals that will be the basis for a
common 2.18 strategy.

In the meantime the marketing team agrees on the targeted audiences and
the 2.18 materials we will produce. This way once the 2.18 core goals
are agreed we will already know what to do with them.


On Mon, 2006-09-11 at 17:00 +0200, Claus Schwarm wrote:

Claus, the response to a development process without marketers is not a
marketing process without developers. The basic answer to all your
points is that working together we will get to better results than
working alone in each corner. 

> If your request would be true tomorrow, what goals would you
> suggest for the next release?

This question is to be addressed primarily to the release team and the
projects involved in the development of GNOME 2.18. Many of them have
some plans in mind. Then the release team, the marketing team and the
board can triage ideas, group plans, sort priorities and end up with 3-5
core goals.

>  On what reasons would you suggest these 
> concrete goals? 

I don't think that people not involved in the development process have
much to suggest in a first round. Developers know what is going on and
they have surely suggestions. Non-developers may be useful making
suggestions during the next rounds, based on the raw initial ideas and
their own perspectives (marketing, Foundation, and so on).

> Why will your suggestion be better than the many
> suggestions made in bugzilla?

Nobody is talking about better or worst suggestions. We are talking
about planning a release with a common strategy and a wider perspective.
Developers know what are the good suggestions in bugzilla, I trust in
their capacity of picking them as goals as much as I trust in their
capacity of forgetting about bugzilla and coming up with new ideas. They
do the first selection of goals.

> Next, do you even have enought overview on the rather extensive GNOME
> platform? I know I don't. 

There must be only a handful of GNOME contributors having a global
overview of the whole project, and they are usually pretty busy in the
last weeks of release. If we need to know what is a screenreader in
order to present it in the release notes, we better be part of the
initial brainstorming so we know about all the novelties, who is behind
them and why are they incorporated to the release.

> Of course, we can test it. Let's start another threat where everybody
> can make suggestion on the goals for the next release. It may be
> interesting to see whether we can agree on something, and what this
> will be. :-)

As said, some of this exists already and only needs to be explicitly
promoted and formalized. There is already http://live.gnome.org/RoadMap
- good example of a 100% technical approach to the 2.18 goals. 

There is more in the air:

Vincent: "I'd go with eyecandy, but I think it's important to note that
it's an ongoing work, and that more will come in 2.18."

Jeff: "Our brilliant performance hackers are still busily carving big
chunks out of our memory and CPU footprint, and I expect we’ll see more
great results in 2.18. In particular, I’m looking forward to some
eye-opening laptop power consumption graphs in the 2.18 release notes."

And more that must be in mailing lists, irc chats, private emails,
private thoughts...

If the release team thinks it's worth, we can start collaborating now.

Quim Gil /// http://desdeamericaconamor.org | http://guadec.org

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