Re: Potential blockers for 2.16

hej hej,

brent, thanks very much for collecting this! should also dig into SQL
and try to get readonly access, this looks like a useful approach to
identify and observe potential release blockers. i was also looking for
something like that in the long run (read: "2.17"). :-)

most of the bugs have been already commented by elijah and vincent in
this thread, just some updates here:

Am Samstag, den 02.09.2006, 23:30 -0600 schrieb Brent Smith:

> | 352686 | crash in file chooser (gtk_file_system_handle_ | 13 |
should be fixed now by , at least according to the comments by kristian and poornima in that bug report.

> | 353348 | crash in Bug Report Tool:                      |  6 |
yepp, patch was commented on the r-t mailing list. this is currently
subject of discussion on the r-t mailing list.

334966 (evolution): sankar (evolution mailer hacker) has requested
freeze break for this on r-t mailing list; probably will be fixed for

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