Re: breaking hard code freeze for bug-buddy

On 9/1/06, Fernando Herrera <fherrera onirica com> wrote:

We have an strange bug in bug-buddy: When the GtkTextView is shown
automatically after gdb is finished, the internal bin->window pointer
is not pointing to the mapped window, and calling
gtk_widget_grab_focus on it makes gtk asserts (and crashing on

I can not reproduce this problem with a testcase for gtk+, so I'm not
sure where the problem is.

Does this mean you have been unable to reproduce at all, or just
unable to reproduce outside bug-buddy?

However I have a simple (and safe) workaround for that:
calling the grab_focus function after the widget has been realized.

This is the bug:

as you can see there are a lot of duplicates of it, so please, approve
this break.

Yes, there are a lot of duplicates, so we need to watch this bug
closely.  I'm kind of curious whether you know the problem is actually
in blink_cb, though.  I know all the stack traces say that, but they
also claim that line 7590 of gtktextview.c is part of blink_cb, which
is about 3000 lines off.  I think the stack traces may be corrupt
here.  Could the problem be elsewhere?


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