Re: UI Freeze Break request to add a Help button

On 9/3/06, Brent Smith <gnome nextreality net> wrote:
I have created a patch on bug 353087 to add a help button to the
bug-buddy UI.  The patch looks rather big because of the glade file
being modified with glade-2, but the changes are rather simple -- I
added a horizontal box of size 2, and packed two button boxes in it to
get the help button on the very left, and the close and save buttons to
remain on the very right.

The help button opens the appropriate feedback section in the GNOME User

I have tested the patch and it works here.

I'd prefer to wait until 2.18, especially given how late in the cycle
it is; however, I might be open to letting it in for 2.16.x if you can
get some more testing.  But I think it shouldn't go into 2.16.0.  You
only need 2 approvals, though, so if others on the team disagree with

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