gok 1.0.10 uploaded (was Re: gok 1.0.9 available!)

Jeff Waugh wrote:
<quote who="David Bolter">

OK, so I suppose the module MAJOR_VERSION.MINOR_VERSION is generally mapped to a gnome MAJOR_VERSION.MINOR_VERSION? So I could tell you guys:

put gok-1.0.X tarballs in gnome 2.14 and
put gok-1.1.X tarballs in gnome 2.15

You could do it that way (the release team will generally know, based on
your release patterns and announcements anyway), or...

Thanks all...

I've just uploaded a 1.0.10 tarball to resolve some naughtiness in 1.0.9., and this is for the 2.14 branch.

Here's the plan:

gok-1.0.x == 2.14  (happening on a gok cvs gnome-2-14 branch)
gok-1.1.x == 2.15  (on head)

at least for this cycle. (I plan to move to matching gnome versions on the next cycle but am waiting for a response from some GOK people).

Perhaps it would be saner to change gok versions to 2.14.x and 2.15.x? Or does that cause political issues for non-gnome environments?

That's generally the easiest way to do it. Reduces margin for human error.

- Jeff

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