Re: 2.15.x schedule first pass

On 3/13/06, Elijah Newren <newren gmail com> wrote:
> On 3/13/06, John (J5) Palmieri <johnp redhat com> wrote:
> > Not a big deal but does the extra release actually
> > help or just add more of burden?  I suspect a lot of hacking is going to
> > go on a GUADEC this year.  Do we do a release directly after or do we
> > let everyone go home, look over their work and polish it a bit and then
> > do a release a week later?
> Yeah, that makes sense.  I can see how this might cause problems.
> Perhaps someone can come up with suggestions that will handle that
> problem as well as the potential problems/annoyances I see with the
> current proposal?  The potential problems I see are:

Looks like we just have conflicting constraints and no one sees a good
solution.  We can work around the issues I saw in 2.16, so let's just
send your proposal to desktop-devel-list.  Do you want to do that?  Or
should we wait until we have a concrete proposal on the module changes
(when to propose, when to cut of proposals, when to freeze the list,

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