Deprecating Bug-Buddy versions before 2.16.0

With the release of Bug-Buddy 2.16 I want to deprecate the email
interface used by the older Bug-Buddy versions. It will still be
supported for at least a year after bug-buddy has been released. After
that the official support will be over.
In practice this means that I will not add the email interface Bug-Buddy
support to the first after around Sep 2007. So it
could be that the support goes on until 2010. Or that it ends on 10 Sep

I can probably guess people will complain about this. Already know one
non-Bug-Buddy app using the email interface. I only learned about this
afterwards and IMO it is not my problem. Never ever considered the email
interface as something stable.

Of course, if there is a person really wanting to have the interface
staying alive, then I'll gladly make them maintainer of the existing
interface when 2.16.0 is out.

As Bug-Buddy is the cause of many filed crasher bugs, I need some sort
of agreement from release team that it is ok not to receive from GNOME
2.14.x versions (and before) when 2.20.0 is released.

After release-team I want to announce this to d-d-l. And include it in
the release notes.


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