Re: Deprecating Bug-Buddy versions before 2.16.0

On 7/26/06, Olav Vitters <olav bkor dhs org> wrote:
With the release of Bug-Buddy 2.16 I want to deprecate the email
interface used by the older Bug-Buddy versions. It will still be
supported for at least a year after bug-buddy has been released. After
that the official support will be over.
In practice this means that I will not add the email interface Bug-Buddy
support to the first after around Sep 2007. So it
could be that the support goes on until 2010. Or that it ends on 10 Sep

I can probably guess people will complain about this. Already know one
non-Bug-Buddy app using the email interface. I only learned about this
afterwards and IMO it is not my problem. Never ever considered the email
interface as something stable.

Not only was it unstable, it also didn't work, though you made a
marvellous effort to make it not suck nearly so bad.  Given that it's
been an unending source of headaches and people's bug reports getting
rejected (for no reason other than 'our parser sucks' or perhaps 'your
email client sucks for sending html'), I'm in favor.  Bugs from
versions of software over a year old tend to not be so useful anyway.

Of course, if there is a person really wanting to have the interface
staying alive, then I'll gladly make them maintainer of the existing
interface when 2.16.0 is out.

As Bug-Buddy is the cause of many filed crasher bugs, I need some sort
of agreement from release team that it is ok not to receive from GNOME
2.14.x versions (and before) when 2.20.0 is released.

Personally, I'd really like to see some kind of more general mechanism
for automatically rejecting bug reports against versions of software
over a year old; which is only a one-time side effect of this change.
I guess you're asking though because other people might be using that
email interface besides bug-buddy, which I agree shouldn't have been
considered a stable interface.  So...

+2.  (since 1 is equal to 2 for large values of 1)

After release-team I want to announce this to d-d-l. And include it in
the release notes.

Sounds good to me.  :)

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