Re: libnotify, notification-daemon and gnome desktop modules

On Mon, Jan 30, 2006 at 05:44:34PM -0700, Elijah Newren wrote:
> On 1/30/06, Christian Hammond <chipx86 chipx86 com> wrote:
> <snip>
> > It's being used by more and more programs. xchat-gnome is a good
> > example. It should be okay as a dependency (though I'm biased ;).
> Okay, let's bring it up on d-d-l suggesting that and see if there are
> any objections, brutally beating down any opposition where necessary. 
> Oh, um, except maybe for that last part.  I don't really expect people
> to be opposed though.  Anyway, John, do you want to handle bringing it
> up there?

Cool, that sounds good.

Hopefully in time, parts of libsexy will roll up into gtk through
Ridley. *crosses fingers*

> <snip>
> > I know that there are counter-arguments to most of these, and I know
> > that there's a strong push to move this into GNOME CVS. My opinions in
> > this matter are unpopular, but things are set up how I like them now,
> > and I know they wouldn't be set up this way if the project moved. At
> > some point in the future, I may reconsider this, but not until GNOME
> > moves to use Subversion (if that ever does happen).
> Well, the GEP that defines the requirements for inclusion in Gnome
> ( states that "If the app
> isn't in GNOME CVS, there had better be a damn good reason".  Sounds
> like you have one.  :)
> > So, all that being said, I would like to work with you guys on the
> > tarballs and to simplify everyone's lives. But that includes mine :)
> Yeah, gstreamer is somewhat similar.  If you could just run
> install-module on the server to get the tarballs installed, much like
> gstreamer does, that'd be great.

Yeah, that'd be fine. I need to learn what needs to be done there, but
I'd be glad to set something up for that.

> Alternatively, we could just call libnotify and notification-daemon an
> officially blessed external dependency (like we do for e.g. cairo), if
> that seems to make more sense.

Or that works. Up to you guys. :) I'd be glad to set up some
infrastructure on my end to get you guys the tarballs and just making
that part of the release process.


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