Re: [draft] Module decisions for GNOME 2.14

<quote who="Vincent Untz">

>   + libnotify/notification-daemon: it depends on libsexy. There was no
>     consensus to include libsexy in our sets, and also some worries
>     about the lack of HIG for notifications. Therefore it won't go in
>     2.14. Note that there was also strong support for it and, assuming
>     those issues are resolved, it can absolutely be 2.16 material.

Just want to echo Federico's comments, and encourage you to mention them in
here: This is the kind of stuff that we should be aiming to test in a few
apps for API sanity, then pushing hard to get them into something down the
stack like GTK+. libegg hasn't worked so well in this regard, but it's the
right place for it - we just need a better process to ensure this stuff is
pushed down.

Great mail.

- Jeff

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