gtk-engines 2.6.x for GNOME 2.14

This is to confirm that the gtk-engines team have decided that, in light of the recent issues raised on various mailing lists, and our own assessment of the progress we have made towards the goals for gtk-engines 2.8, we would like to suggest that GNOME 2.14 uses the 2.6.x series of gtk-engines.

We have had some excellent feedback and testing from our 2.7.x development series by it being in the current GNOME 2.13 releases, and we'd like to thank everyone for their help and comments. However we feel that because of a number of unresolved issues, including the speed, appearance, and general completeness, we cannot recommend it be included in the GNOME 2.14 releases.

I will be reverting jhbuild to use the gnome-engines-2-6 branch for the 2.14 module set. The HEAD branch of gtk-engines should be used when the 2.16 module set is created.



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