Minutes of the 2006/02/10 meeting


 + Fr�ric Crozat
 + Elijah Newren
 + John Palmieri
 + Vincent Untz
 + Luis Villa
 + Jeff Waugh


 + New module decisions (libnotify, notification-daemon,
 + Changes in some modules: gnome-icon-theme, pango/glib, gstreamer and
 + proposals for making us not suck so bad at new module decisions
 + Getting names by tasks on the wiki


 + Jeff to send a mail to the clearlooks maintainers
   => aldready done

 + Vincent to send a mail with decisions to desktop-devel-list

 + Someone to file a bug on evolution so that it doesn't depend on

 + Someone to look at gnome-screensaver next week to see if the slowness
   is fixed


 + New modules:
   - gnome-power-manager: not accepted for now (requires latest HAL and
     latest kernel, needs more integration). We need to encourage
     people to integrate it early in the next release cycle.
   - libnotify/notification-daemon: depends on libsexy. Consensus is
     that libsexy (and even libnotify) needs to be integrated in our
     stack. Not added like this.
   - there's some concerns about gnome-screensaver not being ready yet.
     Most problems seem to be related to a fontconfig bug. We'll examine
     the situation again next week.

 + Problems in some modules:
   - pango/glib: no real issue here. We'll use the new versions.
   - gtk-engines: this is up to the maintainers. We'll contact them so
     they're aware of the current concerns sent to d-d-l. They'll take
     the decision whether something needs to be changed or not.
   - gnome-icon-theme: we support the switch to the icon name spec, but
     it happened really too late in the cycle. It breaks UI in some
     places, but we have no way to know where. We'll ship with the 2.12
   - gstreamer: we'll use the 0.10 version. General consensus is that
     benefits of 0.10 are more important than the non-ported plugins.

 + Getting names by tasks on the wiki:
   - Jeff and Fred will probably leave the team at the end of 2.13
   - some people updated the page
   - we should update the page periodically

 + Proposals for making us not suck so bad at new module decisions:
   - three propositions:
     a) have module proposal end at same time as ABI freeze, then have
        discussion heat up for week or so, then leave a week or so for
        us to hold a meeting so that we can get the official list of
        modules in time for module freeze
     b) end module proposal for 2.x.4, discuss and test things during
        one week, have a meeting the second week and announce list of
        accepted modules for 2.x.5
     c) ask at the beginning of a release cycle for new modules and new
        versions of important things (eg, libraries)
   - good reaction to option c
   - more discussion will happen on the mailing list


Les gens heureux ne sont pas press�

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