Re: Upcoming tasks -- need everyone's input

On 2/8/06, Kjartan Maraas <kmaraas broadpark no> wrote:
> ons, 08,.02.2006 kl. 12.21 -0500, skrev Luis Villa:
> > On 2/8/06, Elijah Newren <newren gmail com> wrote:
> > >  We seriously suck here.  Something has to change to improve it.
> >
> > We're always going to suck on that until some of the basic issues
> > Havoc mentioned in his email in the big d-d-l thread are actually
> > decided. My GEP on the issue touches a bit on the target/market goals
> > thing, but since we're sort of ignoring those, we're standing on
> > quicksand in terms of what should be 'in' GNOME, so... we sort of
> > inevitably suck on it.
> >
> How about we just drop the contentious apps then and take the blame
> ourselves for not getting consensus in time? It's not going to have a
> huge impact anyway I reckon and they can clearly work out any remaining
> issues for 2.16.x. Most distros ship gnome-screensaver and
> gnome-power-manager already, don't they?

Ok, that might get things out the door this time around.  But why is
module freeze 8 weeks before release yet we never get the announcement
of modules out until 4 weeks before?  As Davyd said on d-d-l, this is
blocking his work on release notes, among other things.  And we
haven't even responded.  (Yeah, I suck and should have responded but
was hoping to get more answers over email when I started this thread
last month; it wasn't working, so I guess that's what the meeting is

Also, it doesn't solve everything.  libnotify wasn't controversial;
everyone seemed to like it (at least until Vincent's recent
objections).  But, I think it's probably kind of useless without
notification-daemon, right?  But that depends on libsexy, which was
never brought up.  (I totally suck for dropping the ball there and not
mentioning it on d-d-l).  And the only feedback we have so far, is
that Vincent thinks it's a bad idea.  This is something that really
ought to be discussed on d-d-l.  Yet we're already so freakin' far
behind schedule...

/me really hopes someone else knows how to handle this and wants to
take up the task and run

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