Re: Upcoming tasks -- need everyone's input

On 2/5/06, Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org> wrote:
> Late is better than never (I hope).

Absolutely.  :)

> > - New module consensus; needed today so that we can put the modules in
> > the release.  As per
> >, we need to decide
> > on this.  From,
> > I think gnome-power-manager's consensus was the only one that was
> > questioned.  Given Davyd's & Ryan's strong opposition (and maybe
> > Alan's; can't tell if he was opposing it with his comments or not)
> > this seems not so clear to me at all, though I think there were a few
> > more behind it than not.  What is everyone's opinion of what the
> > general consensus was here?
> I don't know what decision was taken. I'm not against it, but waiting
> for the next release might be a good solution too (so the issues can be
> addressed). Including it now might help g-p-m get better, though :-)

It appears that we're in a no decision state.  We put the modules that
were totally non-controversial and non-problematic into the 2.13.90
release.  That means that libnotify/notification-daemon weren't in (is
it okay to pull in libsexy despite not being mentioned previously? 
should this be an officially blessed external dependency?), and
neither was gnome-power-manager.

We really need to get this resolved.  Should we schedule an irc
meeting for us all to talk about it, or can we get everyone to respond
over email?

Thanks for contacting Davyd and George.  :)


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