Re: Comments from building 2.17.3

On 12/5/06, Kjartan Maraas <kmaraas broadpark no> wrote:
- dbus

builds and installs but has anyone ever gotten this to work in a non
system prefix and installed as a non-root user? Candidate for dropping
in favour of the system installed one?

I believe I had it all working, yes.  But yes, it is a royal pain
(need to shutdown the system dbus somehow from gdm scripts, then make
sure the non-system installed one is running, all of which requires
root privileges and tracking down an ever-changing set of files to

I definitely think it's a candidate for dropping in favor of the
system installed one...but maybe we should wait another cycle or so
since dbus 1.0 was just barely released?

- dbus-glib

Tries to use the dbus that is installed in the jhbuild prefix and fails
during make/make install because the daemon isn't running and there's
nobody listening on the socket in the build prefix

Are you not using dbus-glib-build.patch?

- dbus-python

How on earth is this supposed to be built? No configure script, no
Makefiles etc.

convert-to-tarballs doesn't make it into a distutils module type
instead of a tarball module type as needed.  Sorry, it's a shortcoming
of that script.  For now, just look at the previous modulesets and
modify dbus-python to look like them.  Better yet, we should modify to just copy
jhbuild/modulesets/freedesktop-2.18.modules and rename to
freedesktop-2.17.3.modules since it already has done this.

- hal

still using the release and patching that when there's a newer release out since september. Is this intentional? Can't we
depend on the system installed one?

If someone has done the work to fix jhbuild to hack around the
problems of hal- not building nicely much like garnome did then
we can do so.  We're blocking on someone doing that work.

- mozilla

Do we still need to build this? Better to depend on the system provided

Well, the epiphany folk may not like being required to stick with old
versions of gecko, and as it stands right now no distro is going to
have a new enough gecko to build epiphany.  I agree that this would be
nice, but I'm not sure it's possible yet.  But yes, I also had a bunch
of problems building mozilla last I tried (a few months ago since I
have been buried in work on my dissertation).

I'll send more if I encounter further problems.

Can you upload your moduleset to  Then I can build it can
check for problems too (I could generate a separate moduleset, but
then we aren't necessarily building and checking the same thing).

Thanks for working on this,

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