Comments from building 2.17.3

- dbus

builds and installs but has anyone ever gotten this to work in a non
system prefix and installed as a non-root user? Candidate for dropping
in favour of the system installed one?

- dbus-glib

Tries to use the dbus that is installed in the jhbuild prefix and fails
during make/make install because the daemon isn't running and there's
nobody listening on the socket in the build prefix

- dbus-python

How on earth is this supposed to be built? No configure script, no
Makefiles etc.

- hal

still using the release and patching that when there's a newer release out since september. Is this intentional? Can't we
depend on the system installed one?

- mozilla

Do we still need to build this? Better to depend on the system provided

I'll send more if I encounter further problems.


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