Re: GNOME 2.12 is slated to be our worst release -- ever!

On 9/6/05, Olav Vitters <ovitters gmail com> wrote:
> > [1] So please send these to gnome-hackers and d-d-l, not just r-t.
> I wanted to make a summary out of it, saying this and this bug has to
> be fixed. Everything else can wait for next release. I'll probably do
> a this-release-could've-been-better message.

Yeah, I thought it'd be too late to send as-is to d-d-l unless we
could first ferret it down to just a couple bugs.  That's why I had
originally requested Olav to send the list to r-t.

Anyway, thanks for the work Olav--I know these lists take a long time
to generate.  Hopefully, we can do better with next release and have
multiple showstopper reminder emails to d-d-l/g-h during 2.13

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