GNOME 2.12 is slated to be our worst release -- ever!

There are currently 21 2.12 blocker bugs in; see
the 2.12 showstopper link from

(I wanted to put more information per bug report, however.. it really
is time to mail this)

Bugs that should block the release:

1. text/plain documents on my desktop disappear
There is some suggestion (untested) that this is caused by broken
*notify kernels.

2. Splash screen doesn't disappear
I saw something about smproxy possibly fixing some of the splash
screen / session issues. Do I remember that correctly and has this
been done? Bugreport itself mentions long running programs causing

3. keys refuse to "unbind"
Not totally sure if this is a showstopper. Not that many dupes. No
progress at all, if this is punted it must be fixed next release.

4. Help browser content is inaccessible [REGRESSION]
Last comment suggest that this might be fixed. Should be tested! Also,
will 2.12 actually have that version?

5. eog makes incorrect use of gthreads
When browsing many (not sure how many) images, eog will crash. Partial
patch has been committed in bug 312856. Has patch from Debian (so I
assume tested).

6. Leak in nautilus-icon-factory
A fix for a leak introduced a reliable crasher. Suggest to backout the
fix for the leak.

7. hal/non-hal incoherence: gnome_vfs_drive_get_activation_uri ()
This is the cause of bug 310270 (crasher, see below). Seems that patch
from 310270 works around this bug.

8. GW Proxy - Evo hangs when started in offline mode
Start Evolution in offline mode, goto preferences, hang. No progress.

1. crashes on attempt to use in libgnomeui 
Crashes when hitting printscreen button. Caused by
x-nautilus-desktop:/// in ~/.gtk-bookmarks. Not sure how often that
would appear. Punt to 2.12.1?

2. occasional hangs in ORBit_small_invoke_stub 
No dupes. Requires accessibility to reproduce? This is a hang, so
probably difficult to reproduce and file a bug for (no dupes doesn't
mean it isn't seen by lots of people). Luis cannot reproduce
currently, so hard to say what to do.

3. problems with volume handling
Seems that gnome-vfs-daemon can hang. This causes (un)mounts not to be
delivered. Currently not reproducable (due to RB change).

4. 'open folder' icon never reverts to closed after window is closed 
No discussion. Manny can't reproduce it.

5. Clicking "add wallpaper", "File System" icon and Pathbar are bigger
than the others gtk2 program on gtkfilechooer.
Easy explanation:
Not sure if this should be release. Will be highly visible.

6. Marking mail as Junk - Evolution crashes - Regressing 311956
Battstat applet shows 204% charge when battery is fully charged due to
voltage/capacity reported by ACPI being higher than engineered (AKA
ACPI says current level is 10, while reporting 5 as maximum). Has

1. evolution-2.3.4: printing does not work
No confirmations from other persons. Needs QA!

2. crash in file selector while open a directory
Many dupes. This would have been a blocker. However, a patch has been
committed. The patch seems to fix the issue. Should be verified.

Above is related to:
bug 312171 - hal/non-hal incoherence: gnome_vfs_drive_get_activation_uri ()
This is the cause of above bug 310270. Seems that patch from 310270
works around this bug.

3. Recent changes broke HIG compliance
Some dialogs do not follow the HIG anymore. Cause seems to be a change
in gtk+ (it ignores a width setting). As it could be gtk+, this could
impact multiple dialogs. If really is gtk+, we can ignore this.

4. Marking mail as Junk - Evolution crashes - Regressing 311956
Marking a mail as junk *using groupwise* Evolution crashes. Not sure
how many will use Groupwise. No progress.

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