Re: GNOME 2.12 is slated to be our worst release -- ever!

<quote who="Olav Vitters">

> There are currently 21 2.12 blocker bugs in;

Hi Olav,

While this is extremely important, and it should be very much in maintainers
faces [1], and I totally agree with making a strong statement in the subject
header, please do not say "worst release ever" or similar, because it *will*
reach the press. You can still make an impact internally, without damaging
our external message.


- Jeff

[1] So please send these to gnome-hackers and d-d-l, not just r-t.

   "I think it will be admitted by all that to have exploited so great a
     scientific invention for the purpose and pursuit of entertainment
    alone would have been a prostitution of its powers and an insult to
        the character and intelligence of the people." - John Reith

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