Re: Problem with GI and pygtk

Am 13.08.2014 23:08, schrieb Simon Feltman:
On Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 9:23 AM, Thomas Martitz <kugel rockbox org> wrote:

my name is Thomas and I'm a computer scientist from Berlin, working in the
embedded industry. In my spare time I work in the Geany IDE and Rockbox.

Hi Thomas,

I'm struggling to make pygtk work with a library that provides gir bindings.
I read that pygtk is based on pygobject and therefore I would expect that
pygtk would work together with other GI libraries (perhaps in a limited

PyGTK is based on PyGObject 2. Introspection (gir bindings) requires
PyGObject 3 (or PyGI) which provides the "gi" Python package.
Unfortunately mixing these doesn't work. The "Test" typelib in your
sample returns an introspection bound GTK+ 2 widget while the Python
code imports PyGTK (statically bound GTK+ 2).

So are you saying there is no way to mix my Test typelib with python and gtk2?

My goal is to enable python plugins for Geany (which uses gtk2), and exposing Geany APIs to plugins via GI. I found it works with the gtk3 version of Geany but not with gtk2.

Best regards

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