Re: Problem with GI and pygtk

On Wed, Aug 13, 2014 at 9:23 AM, Thomas Martitz <kugel rockbox org> wrote:

my name is Thomas and I'm a computer scientist from Berlin, working in the
embedded industry. In my spare time I work in the Geany IDE and Rockbox.

Hi Thomas,

I'm struggling to make pygtk work with a library that provides gir bindings.
I read that pygtk is based on pygobject and therefore I would expect that
pygtk would work together with other GI libraries (perhaps in a limited

PyGTK is based on PyGObject 2. Introspection (gir bindings) requires
PyGObject 3 (or PyGI) which provides the "gi" Python package.
Unfortunately mixing these doesn't work. The "Test" typelib in your
sample returns an introspection bound GTK+ 2 widget while the Python
code imports PyGTK (statically bound GTK+ 2).

Howver, you can use introspection based GTK+ bindings with your own
introspection typelibs. GTK+ 2 is probably not going to work very well
so I recommend GTK+ 3. Resources and documentation links are available
here [1]. If you are trying to integrate your own typelib with
existing PyGTK code, you might be able to get away with using
pygtkcompat [2].



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